Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Free eBook!!!

Get a free copy of my eBook, "The M.O.D Files: The Guest Who Stayed Over" and "Quest" (book #2 of the "Systemic" series) available at Amazon.com on Wednesday, August 5th!  "Quest" will also be offered free on Sunday, August 9th!

I've included a brief summary of both below.  Please enjoy!

The Case of the Guest Who Stayed Over:

Robert Haze has been around the block when it comes to working in hotels, and not too long ago, he landed himself one heck of a job. He became the manager on duty – or M.O.D. – of one of downtown Chicago’s landmark properties, the world renowned Lanigan Hotel. 

In the position, Robert is charged with juggling any number of tasks, handling every variety of guest issue, and dealing with problems that pop up with regularity around the massive 1800-room property. While Robert is no slouch, he’s about to be thrown a curve ball…in the form of murder! 

When a Lanigan Hotel guest VIP is found dead, Robert’s managerial skills are put to the test. With the arrival of veteran Chicago Police Department detective, John Marino, Robert begins to realize that it might take more than just a seasoned detective to solve, “The Case of The Guest Who Stayed Over.” 

Combining the feel of Arthur Hailey’s, “Hotel” with a good old-fashioned murder mystery, The M.O.D. Files: The Case of Guest Who Stayed Over provides a sense for what life inside a landmark hotel is really like!


The “Su flu” virus swept its way around the globe in a matter of weeks, decimating the world’s population and laying waste to modern civilization. 

Surviving the flu was just the beginning of the struggle for John Stevens and his family. After a vicious and unprovoked attack by rogue mercenaries forced them to abandon their camp deep within the forests of southern Illinois, they find themselves thrust in a vastly different world from the one they once knew. 

Now John and his group must struggle not only to find a place to call home, but learn how to survive in a landscape that no longer knows the comforts of modern amenities. Life has been reset to the 1800s, and John must quickly adapt in order to lead and protect his family in this challenging new environment. But not everyone who survived the flu is content to keep to themselves, and as John and his family will soon discover, outsiders are watching…waiting…and wanting what they have. 

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