Monday, February 18, 2013

The 5 Strangest Things We’ve Sold, Where, and for How Much

Over the years, we’ve sold a variety of items through various mediums. Whether by way of garage sales, online resale, consignment shops, or similar resale option, we’re open to a variety of methods when it comes to turning our unwanted items into cash. And in doing so, we’ve sometimes found that the results pay off nicely for things that we might not typically consider selling.

Here are a few of the odd items we’ve sold, how we managed to do so, and how much we received in the process (as best as I can remember considering I’ve misplaced a few of the receipts over the years).

I used to have several set of old binoculars that I’d picked up years ago. These weren’t just any binoculars though, but WWII-era sets. One even came with a receipt printed on the back of an old German Luftwaffe field map. I really liked having them, but at the time I decided to sell them, we had just bought our first home, I was in the midst of starting my self-employed career, and money was tight.

Sold for: around $150
Where: Online (iSold it eBay store)
After commission and fees: about $85

Carpentry Planes
It just so happened that when I was at a garage sale one Saturday morning, I stumbled across some vintage carpentry planes. I had absolutely no use for such items and am by no means a carpenter; however, I have an eye for vintage items. They were priced at $10 a piece, but I made an offer of $10 for the pair that was accepted.

Sold for: $45 ($20 for one and $25 for the other)
Where: Online (iSold it eBay store)
After commission and fees: about $25

Action Figures
I held on for my Star Wars action figures and ships for as long as I could, but after hauling them around with me for 25 years and multiple relocations, there just came a point where it was time to say goodbye. Therefore, I packed up my X-wing fighter, Millennium Falcon, and a bunch of my action figures and sent them packing.

Sold for: $120
Where: Online (iSold it eBay store)
After commission and fees: about $70

A Chandelier
When we bought our most recent home, there was a chandelier that we just couldn’t stomach in our dining room. It was a nice chandelier, it just didn’t fit at all with our design motive. Therefore, we took it down and hauled it over to our local consignment shop.
Sold for: $156
Where: Local consignment shop
After commission: $78

Odds and Ends
There are all sorts of other weird items we’ve sold over the years. One such items was an extra refrigerator our energy company paid us $25 to pick up and haul away…fine with us.

Here are a few other interesting items we managed to pawn off on other people by way of the iSold it eBay store, people who found our unwanted items to be their treasures:

• Paper weights (we found these in the first home we bought and they were signed by the artist) – about $60 after commission and fees
• Pasta maker – sold for $30, made about $15 after commission and fees
• Snare drum – sold for $90, made about $55 after commission and fees
• Trumpet – sold for $70, made about $40 after commission and fees
• Food Processor – sold for $82, made about $50 after commission and fees

It’s interesting to look at these items now and realize that I just never know what I might find next that I could turn into cash.


  1. Yeah, Anthony, you just never know what will sell for some decent cash.