Sunday, January 27, 2013

Staging Adjustments We Made When Selling Our Home

The nearly 18 months that our home sat on the market gave us plenty of time to consider and enact changes to they way we were staging it. As we pondered ways that we could make changes to our home, we came up with several areas in which we thought we could do a better job of marketing our home to buyers, and that maybe we hadn’t been quite on target with in our initial staging efforts.

While making such adjustments sometimes came as a tough call for us since we sometimes weren’t certain if they would help or hurt the home sale cause, we gave them a shot nonetheless in an effort to make our home more appealing to potential buyers.

Upstairs Adjustment
One of the biggest adjustments came with our upstairs area. It was a space that was a finished attic and that comprised one small room and one larger room (nearly double the size of the smaller), each with a closet.

This space presented us with a dilemma when we put our home on the market. When we had first seen the home -- before we bought it -- the smaller space was an office, and the larger space was a kid’s room/playroom, with toys and a bed in it.

When we decided to put our home on the market, we felt that presenting the space as two bedrooms would be the way to go, since this would make our home a four-bedroom, two-bath home, instead of three bedrooms and an office. However, as time went by, we wondered if this was the correct call, since there was no bathroom on that floor, and most families that actually needed four bedrooms, they would likely want a bathroom on a floor where two bedrooms were located.

Therefore, we decided to switch our listing to three-bedrooms, keeping the smaller attic bedroom as a guest room, and converting (as our predecessors had done) the bigger space into a playroom/bedroom area, putting some toys, as well as a single bed in the space to help illustrate the space’s optional uses.

Television Swap
Another staging adjustment we made after our home had been on the market for a while was that of the television in our finished basement. This area had a large sofa sectional, and was an obvious living space. However the television we had in the area was an older, boxier unit that certainly didn’t do much to impress prospective buyers.

Our in-laws had a flatscreen (that no longer worked) though that we borrowed to stage the space, making it look a tad more modern. We didn’t care that the television didn’t work since it was just for staging purposes anyway.

Master Bedroom Color Change
Shortly into our listing, we decided to change our master bedroom’s paint color. We had tried earlier in our homeownership stint to change it from a beige color to a lime, almost “sherbet” green. Unfortunately, in my opinion it came out looking more like “insane asylum” green. Therefore, we decided to switch it to a more forest green, and although it came out a bit darker than we would have liked, I think it still showed better than the previous color choice.

Pantry Re-do
I tend to like to keep well-stocked when it comes to food and emergency supplies. In our home, we therefore used the downstairs laundry room closet (underneath the stairs) to keep excess food items. We had a nicely organized shelving unit that fit against one wall of this space and didn’t take up too much room.

Several months into our listing though, I began to question the idea of keeping our extra food in this location. I wondered if people might see these supplies and begin to wonder if it was a lack of kitchen cabinet space that was forcing us to keep these items in the basement.

While there was plenty of room in the kitchen area, and we just wanted to keep these food stuffs in an out of the way area, we just weren’t sure what potential buyers might be thinking; and I really didn’t want to even take the risk that they might assume the kitchen was too small for our food needs. Therefore, we cleared our shelving unit and brought the majority of the food (we kept sodas and bottled waters down there since we had another refrigerator there for such items) up to the kitchen, just in case.

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  1. master stroke... staging with a broken tv! congrats on the new book