Monday, December 31, 2012

Fear the Stock Market?

I’ve been wary of the stock market for a number of years now. I just think that for the little guy, it’s hard to win these days. Throwing my money into a fund that rises and falls with the overall market trends really doesn’t cut it for me anymore, and picking individual stocks, unfortunately has never been my thing.

As of late, my distrust of the stock market and feelings of wariness have grown. When I hear investment advisors immediately jump on IRAs and 401(k)s as their main form of retirement investment, and tell people to max out their contributions to maximize tax savings, it reminds of the good ‘ol days when the housing market was all the rage. “Buy a home. You have to buy a home. It’s such a great investment!” I kept hearing.

I’m of the opinion that if I hear that everyone is doing or advocating one thing, it’s probably best to step back, re-evaluate and maybe even do the opposite.
If you think I’m a little overly cautious, I’m providing a link here to a great article on NPR taken from the Associated Press about the current state of the stock market to back up what I’m saying. It’s not just me who is concerned.

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