Friday, November 23, 2012

Home Projects We Undertook Immediately After Buying our Home

Some things are just easier done before getting completely settled into a home. There were certain projects that we had on our “home to-do” list that we wanted to accomplish before we found our home spaces cluttered with boxes, furniture, and other furnishings that came with the move-in process.

Therefore, we took a couple days ahead of when all of our stuff arrived to knock out a few projects we wanted to undertake in the spaciousness of our new home.

Deep Cleaning
We certainly wanted to give the house a good going over cleanliness wise before we started to clutter up spaces with boxes, sofas, mattresses, and all the rest. Cleaning a home is just so much simpler when you don’t have to work around furnishings. We didn’t have to worry so much about spilling cleaning solution on upholstery, maneuvering around vases and dishware, moving certain items back and forth to clean behind them, and otherwise dealing with awkward cleaning situations.

We could just come in with our mops, buckets, sprayers, and rags, and have at it without having to fumble over and around all our possessions.

Carpet Removal
We had some less than favorable looking carpet in our master bedroom upon arrival. While I’ve got quite a bit of experience cleaning carpet from my time spent in the hotel business, I’m willing to admit when I’ve met my match. Seeing as how the carpet really wasn’t worth saving, and that it this bedroom was the only room on the first floor that didn’t have its hardwood floors exposed, it was an easy decision to pull it up.

Underneath we had nice hardwood flooring that looked even better with a good cleaning and some polishing. The job was made easier by the fact that we didn’t have to work around the dressers, nightstands, and a king-sized bed that would soon arrive.

Carpet Cleaning
Speaking of carpets, we decided that we’d like to give the upstairs and finished basement carpets a good cleaning before we got settled in with all our furniture. Therefore, we spent about $35 to rent a carpet cleaner from the local grocery store, buy a little carpet shampoo, and I set to work giving the carpet a good going over, not having to worry about moving furniture back and forth, missing areas due to oversized furniture pieces, or hurrying the drying time of the carpet in order to be able to move furniture back into a more livable arrangement.

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