Monday, November 19, 2012

Adjustments that Made our Home More Marketable

When selling a home, it can be difficult to know where to start when trying to make it more marketable. Do you tackle the outside curb appeal? Do you focus on the interior spaces? Or do you work to accommodate some combination thereof?

Personally, we settled on the latter option, deciding to focus on several areas both inside and outside our home.

Mulch and Yard Maintenance
It doesn’t always take a huge investment to make a yard look presentable. In our case, some weed pulling, a bit of sidewalk edging, a good lawn cutting, a little shrub trimming, and 10 bags of mulch that we’d purchased on sale during the winter for $1 a bag, had our yard looking pretty darn good.

During the point at which we were preparing to put our home on the market, our back porch awning looked terrible. It was a canvas covering on a steel frame, but the canvas had torn at one side and the rip had progressively worked its way along the entire edge, making the canvas droop and all-in-all look pretty pitiful.

This was the entrance through which prospective buyers would be entering our home. Therefore, we paid $450 to have the structure removed, the steel sandblasted and repainted, and the cover replaced with new canvas.

Garage Roof Repair
When we bought our home, the inspector noted that the condition of the garage roof was less than favorable. It had three layers of shingles that were crumbling and in need of replacement.

While the roof managed to hang on until we decided to sell three years later, it was an eyesore and needed to be fixed. Therefore, before our home hit the market, we spent the money to have the existing layers of shingles ripped off and a fresh layer put back on. It cost us $1,340, but I think it could have cost us more should we have negotiated a credit for the repair during the sales process or should it have turned off potential buyers to the point that they never made an offer in the first place.

Paint Touchups
We didn’t do a ton of painting in preparation for our home hitting the market, but we did want to at least do a few paint touchups here and there. We really didn’t want to go repainting entire rooms since we couldn’t be sure if our paint selections would be more or less appealing to potential buyers. However, with extra paint we had leftover, we went around and touched up existing painted areas to cover scratches, dings, repair work we had done, and similar negative eye-catchers.

Window Treatments
One of the final adjustments we made to our home in an attempt to make it more marketable was to make some changes to our window areas. We spent a couple hundred dollars to buy several new, crisper, cleaner looking blinds for our bedroom and dining room areas and added some sheers in the master bedroom and a window treatment over the dining room window in an effort to add a little character to the spaces. We also removed the dated vertical blinds in the dining room to give the space a newer more updated feel.