Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Halloween Planning Guide

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten excited for Halloween. I usually start getting into the decorating mood around late September, which means that our home is prepped and ready come October 1st. Our planning for Halloween comes with a bit more than just the standard picking out of a costume for our son and making sure it fits. Of course those are integral parts to our Halloween preparations, but there are often other steps involved in our planning process, especially now that we have a five-year-old and our candy routes are extremely important.

When it comes to our pre-preparations for Halloween, there are a few key activities to which we attempt to stick. First off, there is the matter of the candy bucket. While a plastic bag or a one-gallon ice cream bucket would work, would that really be getting into the true Halloween spirit of things? Therefore, we tend to get one of those plastic pumpkin or ghost Halloween candy buckets. If we don’t have one left over from last year, the local resale shop nearby typically has a slew of them for a quarter or 50 cents a piece.

And while we might have our costume already picked out, here in the Chicagoland area, Halloween time can be accompanied by some pretty chilly temperatures. Therefore, we have to make sure that if the costume is not warm enough on its own, we have some cold weather undergarments available to keep our son from getting cold while out collecting his candy.

A Candy Plan
We start off our candy plan by having a conversation with our son about limits and candy intake amounts before we head out. This leaves no confusion when it comes to how much he is allowed to eat either on Halloween or the following days and weeks to come since I know what a temptation it can be…even for mommy and daddy.
I’ve learned that with our son, such treats are often best kept out of sight and out of mind. If we keep a big bowl of Halloween candy out on the kitchen counter or dining room table, it’s a constant reminder and temptation. Therefore, we usually put such items up high on the refrigerator or in a cabinet and out of reach to keep temptation to a minimum.

Schedules and Routes
We get our Halloween schedule organized well in advance to actually heading out. For us, as I’m sure it is for many families, we have multiple Halloween events in multiple locations and times. We have grandma and grandpa who want to see their grandson in his costume, and the customary trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. There is of course trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood. Then, our town does a candy walk in the business district with many local stores, restaurants, and other businesses participating. Therefore, by checking online for looking for fliers posted around town, we tend to get a head-start on planning our routes, dates, and times well in advance to make sure we accommodate all the necessary Halloween obligations.


  1. My parents put our candy on top of the fridge in the 60's; worked like a charm...and of course it all eventually disappeared after a week of hoarding and fighting with the siblings...good memories!