Thursday, February 2, 2012 Supporting Schools with Charity Event

I’ve used and written about multiple times during the last several years. I’ve found that the site is a quick, efficient and effective way to earn good money for used textbooks.

By way of my articles, I’ve learned more about this Beaverton, Oregon-based company and have been impressed not only with their business acumen and view toward the future, but their apparent ability to balance a growing company with maintaining a positive work environment for their employees (they were ranked #18 in Oregon's 100 Best Companies to Work For -- in the medium size companies category -- by Oregon Business Magazine).

Most recently their CEO, Jim Smith, reached out to me to help promote the company’s efforts to raise money for schools.

Here is a portion of the press release he sent me:

“During the month of February, 2012, Cash4Books is matching customer donations to by 100%. Any customer selling at least $7 worth of books to Cash4Books is eligible to donate the value of their buyback order to Once Cash4Books receives the books, the customer will be sent a gift card for the value of their donation, along with a check or PayPal payment for any remaining balance. Customers can then visit and decide which projects to support. At the end of the month, Cash4Books will add up all customer donations and match that amount 100%.

Facing increasing budget shortfalls, federal, state and local governments have dramatically reduced school funding over the past few years. Budget cuts have forced schools to not only cut staff and programs, but have also severely reduced their ability to purchase critical school supplies. Many teachers pay for supplies out of their own pocket, but even with this generosity many students are left without the tools that they need to succeed in school.”

This could present an opportunity for people to check out a great site for earning a few extra bucks when downsizing textbooks that may be cluttering up bookshelves and closets. It could also be a chance to do something special for charity if they so choose.

I’ve found that using Cash4books is a super-simple process (as I’ve mentioned, I’ve used their services multiple times over the years). When I have a few books that I’m interested in reselling, I just type in their ISBN numbers, see if Cash4books is buying and what they’re offering in compensation for those books. Then Cash4books pays the shipping (I typically use their free FedEx service), checks my order for accuracy and quality upon arrival, and deposits money into a PayPal account (you can also be paid by check, it just takes a little longer). It’s quick, easy, and best of all it helps us declutter our home and earn a little extra cash in the process.

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