Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Parties: When The Budget Counts

Having a Christmas party can be a great way to get friends and family together for a fun time and good food. But even if you hold your Christmas party at home and cook all the food yourself, the costs of a Christmas party can still add up -- significantly in some cases. Between food, drinks, cleaning, and decorations, you can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars just for one event. So if you’ve had it with overspending on your Christmas parties, and you’re looking for some ways to save, consider these budget tips that might help in reigning in your Christmas party costs.

Utilize your discount stores – Consider checking out your local dollar or party supply stores. You can stock up on cheap party supplies, decorations, and party favors. You might want to pick up some super cheap cleaning supplies while you’re at the dollar store.

Themed party sets – At many party supply or discount stores, you can often find cheap, themed party sets that may include cups, plates, napkins, and party favors. These sets can make your life easier as well as save you money.

Make punch – Brewing up a big bowl of punch can save you money on cans of soda as well as liquor costs at your Christmas party. Since no one will know what kind of mix you are using, you can use lower costs brands of liquor and sodas, or reduce the amounts of liquor you add to the mixture.

Bring a dish – You could invite your guests to bring along a favorite dish to help you save on food costs. You can phrase it as, “Oh, I just love that _____ you make! Would you mind bringing that to the party?” This way, it makes the other person feel useful, appreciated, and as if they are contributing to the Christmas party.

Minimize – Often, by using smaller plates people have less room for food, so they take less, meaning that there is less waste and lower consumption, thereby decreasing your Christmas party costs. The same goes for cup or glass sizes.

Choose your spot – Depending on the size of your home, you might not want people roaming about and straying into portions of your home you aren’t using during your Christmas party. Therefore, consider keeping doors shut to unused rooms or areas within your home. This way you can shut off vents to these areas to save you on heating costs. With people coming and going, letting cold outside air in from outside, you’ll have enough space to heat without extra rooms being left open.

Have the kids decorate – By having your kids do the decorating by making pictures, party favors, and other holiday crafts, it makes them feel involved, saves money, and if it looks cheap or chintzy you can say, “This year I let the kids decorate,” and your guests probably won’t say much.

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