Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gifts: A Last Minute Guide

It always seem like we have plenty of time to prepare for the holidays, and then BOOM! Christmas is upon us like an avalanche and we’re left scrambling to come up with some last minute Christmas gift ideas. If this sounds like the yearly scenario for you, and you only have days left to get your holiday shopping done, here are a few last minute gift ideas that might help you out of a tight squeeze.

Coupon gifts – Sometimes we don’t need an actual object to make us happy on Christmas. I can tell you from experience, my wife would much rather be pampered with a half-hour massage from yours truly than have most of the Christmas gift ideas I could come up with at the last minute.

Tickets – You can order tickets online to a variety of sporting events, plays, movies, or whatever your gift receiver is interested in. While the actual tickets themselves might not arrive until after Christmas, it might not matter. Just print out the information – minus the price of course – fold it, and put it into a holiday envelope, and you’ve got a perfect last minute Christmas gift! This is what my wife did for me last year when she bought us tickets to the Indianapolis 500 and I was completely overjoyed. I didn’t need the tickets in my hand, just the knowledge that I would be going to the event.

Gift cards – Widely available at places like your local convenience mart or drugstore as well as a variety of retail shops or online, it’s hard to deny the power of gift cards these days. While they might not have that personal gift giving touch, they make for quick and easy last minute Christmas gifts and take the burden of coming up with an idea off your shoulders.

Food or libations – Making a last minute run to the local grocery store or superstore can work out in your favor as a last resort gift idea. Picking up some nice wine, a good bottle of booze, or a favor food item can be a nice way to celebrate the holiday season. Using wine bags or a nice basket in which to present your gift, and picking up some flowers or a Poinsettia along the way, can make your Christmas gift idea look a little classier and as if it wasn’t a last minute purchase.

______ of the month club – While these type gifts are often a bit on the pricey side, similar to tickets to a show or sporting event they are great ways out of a gift giving jam. You can just give the print off the order receipt as acknowledgment of the gift. Beer, steak, gourmet fruit, or whatever, there is plenty of variety out there when it comes to finding various items to receive monthly.

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