Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Christmas Gifts: Unique Ideas

Does the approach of another holiday season during an economically tough year have you scratching your head when searching for unique gift ideas? It can be hard enough coming up with interesting gift ideas, but when you have to do so on a budget, it can seem downright impossible. There are plenty of cheap Christmas gifts out there, and there are quite a few unique ideas as well, but typically the more unique the gift, the more it costs. So how do you combine the two? Well, here are a few ideas that might offer a little bit of both to help you out with your cheap, yet unique Christmas gift ideas.

ID Guard Stamp – This little jewel can be a great unique Christmas gift that fits well within your budget. Not only can it save you on your Christmas budget, but it could save the person you give it to by protecting their identity and personal documents. You might find that you buy and extra one to try out for yourself.

Alarm Clock – No, not just any alarm clock, this is the flying alarm clock! Yes, you heard me right, I said flying! This could be the perfect unique Christmas gift idea for the person that has a tough time waking up in the morning. When the alarm goes off, a helicopter-like top goes spinning from the top of the clock, forcing the sleepy head to rise and find the top in order to stop the alarm.

Bank – Let’s be honest, times are tough and money is tight. But buying your child a cool bank is the perfect unique Christmas gift to teach them the importance of saving early on. There are some pretty neat banks out there to make saving money fun. Consider something like the Money Maze Bank or similar gift for the child who has money to stash.

Snuggie – Not quite the rage they were last year, but still a possible gift idea. Consider changing it up and trying a Collegiate Snuggie as an affordable Christmas gift. It can be a great unique gift idea for a college student, graduate, or just the avid sports enthusiast.

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