Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Money Saving Tip of the Week

Just wanted to throw this little thought out there for all to ponder.

I realized the other day that we probably only watch 10% of the cable television shows we have available through our provider, yet our cable bill keeps increasing on a regular basis. While I love certain shows on channels we wouldn't get through a basic service, there are several of these programs that I can either watch online or when we're spending time at the in-laws house, which we do on a regular basis. Therefore, I hacked into our cable bill by cutting our services and sending back an additional receiver for the downstair's television we weren't using.

Long story short, I got our cable/internet bill down from just over $110 to a little over $60. That's $50 bucks a month savings, which equates to $600 a year. Not too shabby huh?

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