Monday, March 1, 2010


Moving into a new home can be an exciting time in one’s life, and the anticipation that comes with this event often makes you want to settle into your new abode as quickly as you can. You don’t want to jump the gun though, as rushing to move all of your possessions into your home can leave you with a lot more work down the road. There are typically plenty of projects that come along with a home, especially if someone has lived there previously. Getting these projects out of the way before your home is cluttered with your belongings can be save you big headaches later.

If you have the time and opportunity, here are some of the larger projects to consider completing before you officially move in.

It’s amazing what people leave behind when they move out of a home. Much of the time it’s junk, but when my wife and I moved into our first house, we found all sorts of stuff – dishes, dining utensils, garden equipment, laundry, even a paperweight I sold on eBay for $80!

If your home has carpets, consider cleaning them, having them cleaned, or removing them (if they’re in really bad condition) before you move your furniture into the house. This can make your life easier since you won’t have to work around furniture and other household items you’ve already placed in rooms.

The same can go for cleaning and/or refinishing any hardwood floors that might need some work. By doing this before you move in your furniture, floor rugs, etc. you avoid double work when you have to move all this stuff a second time when you need access to the floors.

Like doing work on carpets and wood floors, it can be a good idea to replace or repair any damaged linoleum, ceramic tile, or stone tile surfaces before you have things sitting on top of them. Not only will you save yourself time and effort, but you can avoid doing more damage to already broken or chipped flooring by not moving heavy furniture onto or over it until it’s repaired.

Patching and repairing walls or ceilings before you hang pictures, mirrors, and other decorations is a good idea. Not only do you avoid having to take those items down later to do the work, but drywall dust has a nasty way of finding its way into and onto furniture, rugs, and other possessions when you’re working on these areas.

Instead of moving all your possessions into the home, and then having to move them again or cover them up when you paint, get your painting done with ahead of time. With no furnishings to mess with, you can just throw a drop cloth down on the floor, do your tape work, and get going.

Once furniture is inside your home and blocking walls, baseboards, vents, etc. and you’ve put things in cabinets, drawers, closets, and the like, it can be difficult to do your deep cleaning. Therefore, get this work done while the house is still empty and all areas are easily accessible. This is a good idea, not only because it saves you work doing it later, but who knows what people before you have done to and used these areas for. You don’t want their germs spread to your stuff!

Hanging pictures, mirrors, cabinets, and other wall decorations after you have make your repairs and done your cleaning, but before you move in, can make your life easier. This way you aren’t stretching over, moving, or working around furniture that is already in place.

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  1. Great tips, Kris. I'll be sure to use some when I move into my new house.