Monday, March 1, 2010


I wrote these about a year ago and just stumbled across them again. I thought I'd throw them out there for the fun of it. Enjoy!

Home prices seemed to forebode,
My retirement account to explode.
Now as I watch on the tube,
I feel like a boob,
All my money is down the commode.

Financial Advisor
As my quarterly call comes in,
It is to my shock and chagrin.
As I talk to my advisor,
He seems none the wiser.
I wonder just where he has been?

My New Home
I just bought a house in '08.
At the time, I though it was great.
Now I feel strong,
My decision was wrong,
And it’s my wife, I get to berate.

A Job?
I once had a very good job,
But all my time it did rob.
I quit ‘cause I knew,
Another one would come through,
And now I just sit like a blob.

My Bad
I just bought a home I thought cute,
A point that now seems rather moot.
But as I look around,
I feel like a clown,
And no one’s here to dispute.