Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upcoming Topics

So I’ve already had a few questions as to what exactly will be posted on this blog. Well, there will be a number of topics to which I will pen my thoughts and ideas, most of which will be related to saving money. A few posts related to investing or similar finance or market topics might sneak their way in, but I hope to keep most of my blithering contained within savings related subject matter.

Finding ways to save on utilities, your home, food, childcare, and related topics will all be in the mix. But those are the old standbys for thousands of other blogs. So what will make this blog different? Well, I have a couple of ideas.

First, I plan to discuss my savings mistakes. While most blogs plug their successes, I feel that we often learn most from our mistakes. Lord knows I’ve made more than my share, especially when it comes to money and saving money, and I hope that readers can take my failures and turn them into their successes.

Resale Updates
I’m a big fan of resale, and I’d like to share with you my experiences in a number of resale categories and how I learn and earn from those experiences.

Thrift Through Thoreau
Finally, one of my favorite authors is Henry David Thoreau, and I feel that Walden is a great book for those who are interested in getting back to basics, especially when it comes to saving. I plan to do a series of posts related to Thoreau’s writing. Who knows, I might even advocate a little civil disobedience, but let’s not get too crazy just yet.

I hope this clarifies what this blog is to be about and where I plan to take it.

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